Kratom Strains – Here’s the 3 Best Ones and Here’s our Reasoning!

With so many different Kratom strains to choose from, some people have a hard time choosing the right one. The decision really comes down to finding what someone is looking for, but in order to do that it’s important to understand the different stains and why people choose them.

Kratom has been described as many different things, but for people who benefit from what it has to offer, they’re just thankful they found it. From troubling chronic pain, to foggy mindedness, to a lack of focus or motivation, people have reported finding all sorts of positive benefits to their lives. It’s important to point out that your mileage may vary, but we wanted to share some information that other users have shared across the net.

Understanding the top strains is important because they can work differently. Some people are looking for help with chronic fatigue and lack of energy, but others are looking for analgesic benefits, and everything in between. Enhanced mood is also a commonly reported benefit.

Here are some of the best strains to look out for and why people typically choose them. Taking some time to learn is crucial before jumping into anything, that way you know what to expect and you can make informed choices.

1) Maeng Da Kratom

This is often considered to be among the highest quality strains available overall. It’s made with a grafting process, which leads to the strongest and most potent trees. It’s an interesting process that you can look into sometime if you’d like to learn more, but we won’t get too deep into the details right here: just know that it leads to higher quality Kratom.

Maeng Da is said to contain more alkaloids than most other varieties, leading to a stronger experience, and often a better value for your money. This extra potency is favored among people who are looking for pain relief.

It’s ideal when it is harvested strictly from mature plants by people who are experienced at doing so, because harvesting when the leaves are too young can result in a compromise to the quality of the final product.

Users have described many different positive effects including helping mentally and physically.

2) Green Malay

Next up is Green Malay, a strain that’s often used as an alternative to “smart drugs” and other focus-centric supplements. It has been used by people who are looking for a productivity boost, to help them get more things done in a day, to focusing while studying or working, and similar things.

We often make a point to remind our readers that Kratom is not FDA-approved, and is not promoted for human consumption. We are not encouraging anyone to consume Kratom.

Many users have shared their experiences with Kratom online, and you can read what it has done for them and how it may have helped them with a number of different issues.

There are also people who become addicted to Kratom when they start taking it all the time, so someone who is planning to try it out would be diligent to make sure they aren’t starting to take it constantly, taking breaks is always a good thing.

3) Borneo Kratom

Borneo is a huge producer is Kratom, and their products usually have a higher amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine, which can help with the sedative properties of this plant, making it a popular choice for people who are seeking pain relief.

Borneo Kratom can come in different types, including red vein, white vein, and green vein. Some people have even used it to help them with drug addictions, to overcome addictions to very serious illicit narcotics, and to help reduce anxiety, and for a euphoric feeling that some people experience.

Don’t get confused by the different “vein” colors. Red and green are the most popular, but white is also right up there. All of the ground Kratom powders or capsules you’ll come across look similar, the different colors refer to the colors of the veins in the leaves, which can add a very subtle tint to the end product, but generally speaking they’re all going to look green.

Sometimes, people get confused, for example if they order Red Borneo Kratom and they’re expecting it to actually be red.

Final Thoughts on The Best Kratom Strains

Quality can vary by strain, by origin, by how well the product was grown, harvested and processed, proper storage, and more. Sticking to quality US-based suppliers who lab-test their products is a good step to take. It takes some people a while to find their perfect strain, whereas others stumble upon it right away.

Dosage also plays a key role. Higher or lower doses can have vastly different effects, from analgesic to stimulating. Understand the effects of your chosen strains, and don’t over-do it right off the bat!

We offer very high-quality Kratom at a reasonable price with free shipping in the USA, along with a money-back guarantee, so you can find all of your favorite strains in one place, and you can rest-assured knowing that you’re getting the real deal. Our products have been lab tested and meet the standards of Kratom connoisseurs.

Please note that none of the information provided on this page is intended to diagnose or treat any illnesses or conditions, and if you’re experiencing any health concerns you should consult with a doctor.

Does Kratom help with Weight Loss?

Does Kratom help with Weight Loss? Here’s the Answer!

An increasing amount of people are learning about Kratom, and in turn, starting to explore the numerous benefits that you hear talked about all over the web. Things like wakefulness, alertness, focus, or relaxation and sedation are among the numerous reported effects of Kratom, depending on the strain and the dosage, but what about other things?

When people wonder “Does Kratom help with weight loss?”, the first thing we want to do is lay down some definitions.

First things first, there’s a study that shows Kratom can help suppress appetite and potentially lead to weight loss, however it’s important to point out that this study was done on rats, and there is a lack of studies on humans at this point.

It would be irresponsible to make claims that Kratom itself is going to help burn fat or directly lead to any kind of weight loss, but it’s worth exploring a bit further than that…

Kratom Can Help With Weight Loss In Other Ways…

While it may not directly result in weight loss or an improved metabolism, many users report that Kratom gives them a boost in energy, motivation, and can help relieve anxieties they experience in day to day life. These are all common excuses for people to skip workouts, or not exercise altogether.

In other words, Kratom can help you get off your butt and get physical, which is a key element to losing weight. Lower doses will typically lead to a boost in energy, whereas higher doses will have the opposite effect, and lead to a more relaxed and calm state.

exercise and kratom

Some users also report it can help suppress their appetites, even if it’s just a matter of keeping them focused on something else, so they aren’t constantly thinking about food or making trips to the fridge to snack.

Obviously, your mileage will vary, and there is very limited studies to back up any weight loss claims about Kratom. However, what we do have to go with is things like improved energy that people report experiencing, which is obviously an important catalyst in weight loss.

The thing about working out is once you break through that initial barrier, you’ll feel more energy each day simply from the exercise itself, so getting that initial boost can be really helpful. It’s hard to start exercising when you’re sedentary and don’t have the energy, but once you get going, you’ll be able to carry yourself with momentum!

Please note: We offer no recommendations or instructions on consumption of Kratom, nor any claims that it is guaranteed to help you lose weight. This page is not intended to help diagnose or treat any ailments, and if you’re ill you should visit your doctor.

kratom for energy

Can I use Kratom for Energy ? Here’s the Answer…. !

One of the most popular categories of beverages are energy drinks, but they are usually incredibly unhealthy. Packed with sugar, dyes and coloring agents, and a bunch of chemicals – more and more people are looking for alternatives to energy drinks.

When you include things like coffee, tea, yerba mate, energy drinks, soda… the most popular drink categories in the world are all about giving you a boost of energy, but in most cases they’re also full of sugar. Some people get a jittery feeling from coffee and other sources of caffeine. There are a lot of reasons that you might want some extra energy, without taking caffeine or drinking too much of the aforementioned drinks…

Let’s take a look at another alternative to energy drinks, called Kratom.

Mitragyna speciosa leafIt has been used historically in Indonesia and other parts of the world for energy, focus, relaxation, and stimulation, among other things. It reportedly stimulates cell-receptors.

It’s an interesting drink before the effects can vary based on dosage, as it’s been historically used in Indonesia and elsewhere. Unlike certain things which are just stronger at higher doses, with Kratom it can actually go from being a stimulant to a sedative, it’s rare for something to span the gamut like that.

It’s commonly used around the world as a coffee replacement due to the way it can help clear fog from the brain, and can help people focus. If someone gets jitters from caffeine in coffee, this could be a better alternative. It can increase alertness, and help with  things like anxiety or complacency.

How Does It Feel?

Kratom can feel different for different people, and once again, dosage plays an important role. Going by the descriptions offered by people who have tried it, you’ll hear things like a sense of well-being, feeling more focused, feeling more at ease, and more energetic mentioned often.

It’s said to help with mental focus and clarity, as if it helps to shake away cobwebs or mental fog. Some people talk about feeling more creative, energetic (both mentally and physically), and motivated.

At lower doses, it is said to offer the aforementioned stimulating results, but at higher doses it starts to become more of a sedative, with users reporting extreme relaxation, calm, and feeling well.

The effects can vary based on a number of things. Along with the difference depending on the doses, things like how well it was processed and stored, which strain, the particular alkaloids, and more. A quality product will have been professionally cultivated and processed.

If your goal is energy, focus, productivity, and mental-clarity, it’s important to choose the strains that offer those traits in particular, since it can vary from strain to strain. Once somebody has the right strain, they will start to try to dial in the perfect doses to achieve the desired results.

Let’s talk about some of the different types now…

Best Kratom Strain for Energy and Focus?

With so many strains, and so many different alkaloid profiles that can all work differently, it helps to establish a starting point by talking with people who have tried kratom, looking for similar results, and to see what worked for them. That gives you a starting point to work from, it gives you a baseline. You may find different strains work best for you, but it’s better to start with some ideas, rather than just taking guesses into the dark.

Here are some of the strains that get mentioned in the discussion of improved energy:

Maeng Da might be one of the most popular options for energy. It has been described as offering a “very clean energy”, unlike certain drinks or other substances that might give more of a jittery or anxious feeling.

Red Vein is less commonly used for achieving energy, however some users do report that it helps them with that.

After reading a lot of user-reviews and people who have shared their experiences, it becomes pretty apparent that it can really vary from person to person. The best Kratom for energy for you may be totally different than the best one for your friend. Because of this, it’s not a bad idea to try starting out with a sample pack, if this is the only effect you’re looking for.

You don’t want to be stuck with a big bulk bag of Kratom that does the opposite of what you’re looking to achieve, which is why sampler-size bags or just smaller ones in general are a good place to start, especially if you’re going off of some of the user-recommendations we’ve shared.

Some People Get Energy From ALL Types

Here’s a comment from a user on reddit:

“It depends on the person, but I do get energy from reds. I actually get energized from nearly ALL kratom, but I take doses on the lower end of the spectrum.”

This aligns with the common belief that lower doses are more suited for energy and mental tasks, and higher doses are more common among people who are looking for more of a sedative-like effect.

The above quote suggests that dosage can play more of a role than strain, or perhaps they both play equals parts of the equation. In any case, it’s often recommended to try a few varieties to see what works best for you. In some cases, like the comment below from another reddit user, the best kratom strain for you to try can even change over time:

“A couple years ago all I took was red kali indo, or straight red indo. I would get intense energy and euphoria when taken before bed. It was amazing. Then one day it stopped, no more positive feelings. Just sedation and not what I was looking for. I credit it to changes in my life and my body chemistry. Really interesting stuff. Now I’m all about greens.”

History of Who Uses Kratom for Energy Boosting

It has been chewed by farmers and other laborers in the fields, especially in fields where Kratom is grown, but elsewhere too. It can give a nice little burst of energy, without that crash that you might get when a coffee buzz starts to wear off. It’s not only used by farmers or people who do physical labor, though, because along with a physical boost, it’s also said to give a mental boost of energy, too.

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