Green Malay Capsules


  • High euphoric properties compared to other Green strain Kratom varieties
  • Lessens the feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Boosts focus while clearing the mind without causing overstimulation
  • The capsule is made from natural ingredients which slide smoothly in the throat and dissolves in the stomach

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Introducing the capsule form of the Green Malay Kratom strain. This Kratom variety originates from Malaysia but it is grown in other parts of Southeast Asia. Green Malay Kratom is known for the properties which green strain Kratoms possess. Read on to learn more about this unique Kratom variety.

The Properties That Make it Standout

Just like the other Green strain Kratom varieties, Green Malay has a predominant stimulating and euphoric properties. It is great for those who are looking to enhance their mood in order to be more productive during a day’s busy work schedule. What’s good about it is that it is capable of increasing attentiveness and focus at the same time making you become more productive than ever!

Other users also find it overly energetic when compared to other Green strain Kratom variety and a typical dose of 2.5 to 5 grams is able to produce effects that last around 3.5 to 4 hours at most.

The Less Dominant Effects

Just like all the other kratom varieties, Green Malay also has its weaker and less dominant effects. Some users have reported that its pain relieving (analgesic) effects is just on the average level and it’s also less sedating than other strains. Talking about the nauseating effects, there’s no conclusive test yet that its more or less dominant than other strains.

Kratom Beast For The Best Kratom Products

If you’re looking for highly-potent and effective Kratom powder and capsules, you’ll find it (no matter which strain it is) in our shop. Our Kratoms are sourced only from verified suppliers in the Southeast Asian region where Kratom is abundant.

The secret to an effective Kratom product is the raw material itself. For Kratom to be potent, the leaves need to be harvested at the right age and it should be picked at the right time. After the harvesting process, it needs to go through proper washing and drying before it is ground to the right sugary consistency.

Our Kratoms go through these processes and are packed within a day after grinding to ensure the right alkaloid level. This then results in high-quality Kratom powder that is ready to be used for different applications.


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