Red Bali Capsules


  • Right-sized capsules which slide smoothly in the throat and easily dissolves in the stomach for good absorption and quicker onset of effects
  • Has high potential of bringing relaxing effects
  • Significantly reduces physical pain
  • Exhibits good mood-enhancing properties

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You may have seen Red Bali Kratom available in powder form, where it’s loose in a bag. That’s one way to go about things, but some people prefer a capsule instead. The capsule form adds convenience, accurate dosage, and just makes things easier in general.

When it comes to Bali kratom, especially the red variety like this, it’s noted by many users as offering an all-natural pain relief, helping with general anxieties, and improving mood. At certain dosage, it can work as a sedative and help with pain. It’s different with everyone, and we’re just sharing what has been reported online, this is not intended as a diagnosis or to offer any type of medical treatment, and these capsules are not sold for human consumption.

Strain Properties

Red Vein Bali Kratom is known for a slow sedative effect, which some people use to help them with pain management and relief, and with anxiety. Again, if you’re suffering from a physical or mental health condition, the best thing that you can do is to visit your doctor for treatment and guidance. We are no recommending any medical advice, we’re simply exploring what Kratom users have discussed and shared online.

Sometimes, people will react differently to the alkaloid profiles of different strains of Kratom. They share many similar alkaloids, and come from similar sources, so there is always going to be some crossover in effects, especially for different users.

Red Bali is among a special class of Kratom that people have used to help with opiod dependencies and addictions, however if you’re planning to quit and you’re a heavy opiate user, there are certain health risks involved and in some cases, it’s best to do that under doctor supervision, where withdrawals can be managed by a healthcare professional in case anything gets very serious.

Why Isn’t Kratom More Expensive?

Sometimes, we have people asking us why high-quality Kratom, like these Red Bali capsules, aren’t more expensive. Kratom leaves grow relatively quickly in the old-growth forests across the world where they’re from, there are plenty of them, and skilled workers train and work hard to harvest them in an effective and productive way.

Alkaloids in Red Bali

Red Bali is higher in 7-HMG, and lower in mitragynine, which has an impact on the effects that one may or may not feel.

Popular questions:

Why is it green, if it’s “red” bali? The color refers to the veins of the leaf before it’s ground up, but the majority of the surface of a leaf is still green in color, so the end-product is green.

How much is a typical dosage? This product isn’t sold for human consumption and we don’t offer any instructions or advice for consumption.

Why is it in a capsule? People like capsules because it’s pre-measured and easier to be consistent.


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