Green Malay Kratom

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  • The powder is of sugary consistency so it mixes easily with any food or beverage
  • Brings clarity of mind and improves focus without causing overstimulation
  • Lessens the effects of depression and anxiety
  • High potential of being euphoric compared to other Green strain Kratom varieties

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Are you curious about Green Malay? Let’s go over some important facts and information about this popular plant, so you can better understand exactly why people are talking about it, why they’re seeking it out, and what makes it so popular.

Where Does Green Malay Kratom Come From?

As the name suggests, this strain of Kratom comes from Malaysia. Various strains will have conflicting origin stories, but generally speaking they all come from Southeast Asia. It’s important to stick to legitimate providers where you can purchase Kratom from, as they have lab tested their products and can verify that the products are pure and coming from quality sources.

Malaysian Green strains have been said to have longer-lasting effects, reportedly due to their thicker cellular structures. The truth is that the effects of strains will vary a lot from person to person, and green ones often offer a balanced effect compared to red and white.

What Differentiates Green Vein Malay Kratom?

Visually, the veins of this strain are green, as opposed to white or red.

This can confuse people sometimes, since they expect “red” kratom to be colored red, and the same for white, but it just refers to the veins in the leaves, not the entire leaf.

This confusion isn’t always as common with green stains, since people are already expected the power to be green.

Why Is This A Popular Kratom Powder Strain?

It’s popular due to the balance of effects that people report, and the low price.

Red vein is more commonly described by its users are offering pain relief and working as a sedative, whereas white is often used for mental focus and stimulation. It can vary, of course, as we’ve already mentioned.

For many users, green falls somewhere in between, offering a “best of both worlds” of sorts.

Thoughts on Quality

Ideally, you want the leaves harvested at the right times, from old-growth mature trees. Harvesting the leaves too soon, when they aren’t big enough, will have a negative impact on their alkaloid content, and therefore their overall quality.

Quality producers will give the leaves enough time to grow and mature, to ensure they’re as potent as they are supposed to be. Lesser-quality providers will harvest early in order to maximize profits, at the cost of quality.

Know your Kratom

It’s a good idea to get Kratom from a USA-based Kratom company like Kratom Beast that Lab Tests and ensures the product is pure without any fillers or additives.

Headquartered in North Carolina, with locations around the country, and a full-time staff dedicated to ensuring full satisfaction, not to mention a 30-day money back guarantee, KratomBeast aims to be your ultimate source for high quality Kratom Caps & Powders.

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