Green Thai Kratom

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  • Boosts energy, mood and focus
  • Effective pain-relieving properties
  • Longer-lasting effects compared to other Green strain Kratom varieties
  • Easy to mix with any food or beverage because of its good sugary consistency

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Green Thai is a popular Kratom strain. Growing the plant has already been made illegal in Thailand but a handful of other Southeast Asian countries still produce authentic Thai Kratom. It is known for its highly-potent leaves which are turned into a powder ready for different applications.

Its Known Effects

Green Thailand Kratom is popular for its longer-lasting energy-enhancing effects. This strain is capable of producing effects between the White and Red vein varieties. It’s also known to have moderate stimulative and euphoric effects. It is capable of improving the mood while still supplying enough focus and energy to the one using it.

It has also been observed to be very sedating when taking it higher doses while other users report that its ability to stimulate decreases as the dose goes higher. The analgesic properties of this strain are on the moderately effective side. It is observed to give-off more of these effects compared to the other green strains.

The nauseating effects of this strain are found to be above average but it has not yet been proven if it is more or less than other strains. Duration of the effects is also above average making it best for those who are looking to improve their mood, especially on the days that they’re going to be very busy and productivity is needed.

Get The Best Quality Kratom From a Reliable Supplier

Our Kratom products are laboratory tested to ensure that its free from impurities and fillers. We have partnered with verified suppliers who ensure that the Kratom leaves are of high quality. To accomplish this, Kratom leaves need to be harvested at the right time and they need to be at the right age. Young leaves don’t have much effect while too old ones tend to show no effect at all.

The leaves that are used in our products are harvested by experienced Southeast Asian tribes who have been using Kratom for many centuries as a means to treat different physical conditions. The leaves are then dried and ground to the right sugary consistency. The result is a highly effective and potent powder which is ready to be used for different applications.



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