White Borneo Kratom

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  • The powder is of good sugary consistency so it mixes well with any food or beverage
  • Highly euphoric and mood-enhancing
  • Provides good stimulation without causing anxiety

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It is known by many names but if you’ve got a high-quality powder, you’ll easily see why the White Borneo Kratom strain has become one of the most sought-after strain by many. It is thought to have come from Borneo, a heavily forested island in Southeast Asia but is now grown in other countries in this region.

What Is It Capable Of?

White Borneo is popular not just because of the strain category to which it belongs to but also because of the effects that it is capable of producing. It is known to be highly stimulating and euphoric. This means that it’s capable of giving you the right energy to start a lazy day at work or in any other thing that you want to do.

Some users also report that it’s got the highly sedating effect when compared to other white strain Kratom varieties. It is even used as a substitute for coffee and other caffeine-loaded beverages for added focus and energy. Still, there are others who have found that it is great for counteracting depression’s symptoms because of its less stimulating nature and its ability to balance the effect of boosting energy and sedation.

The Lesser Effects

Unlike other white strain Kratom varieties, White Borneo is found to be less anxiety-inducing. It also doesn’t cause much nausea and dizziness at small or medium doses but these effects can rise exponentially at higher doses. Some users prefer to keep the dose low (around 1-3g) so as to mitigate such symptoms. Its effects can start quickly at average doses (around 2.5-5g).

Looking For The Best Kratom? We Have It!

White Borneo is also called Jongkong, Hulu, Ketapang or Kalimantan by different suppliers so when you see any of these names on the packaging, know for certain that it is actually White Borneo.

Our White Borneo Kratom Strain products are laboratory tested to ensure that it’s free from impurities and fillers. The leaves come from verified suppliers in Southeast Asia where Kratom is abundant and they are harvested at the right time by experienced indigenous tribes to ensure potency and efficacy.

The leaves are dried and go through a traditional grinding process which ensures a sugary consistency ready to be used for different applications. You can be sure that our Kratom powders and capsules have enough level of Alkaloids- the substance that is responsible for giving every strain its unique effects.


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