Ultra Enhanced Green Malay Kratom


  • Gives off a mild soothing scent that promotes relaxation and calmness
  • Highly relaxing – aids in combatting the effects of stress
  • Moderate level of mood uplifting effects
  • Easily mixes with any food or beverage

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Our classic Malay Kratom just got a boost. Yes! We now introduce this Ultra Enhanced Green Malay Kratom which gives off a soothing scent that’s meant to make you feel relaxed. It is produced using the boiling down method of resin derived from dense kratom. After it has boiled down, concentrated alkaloids are added to produce an enhanced powder mix after grinding.

Our raw Kratom leaves are sourced from ripe trees and harvesting is done by highly-experienced leaf pickers from the indigenous tribes of Southeast Asia. With traditional standard grinding and efficient post-processing techniques, the resulting powder has a sugar-like consistency that’s great for different health and wellness product application and use.

The scent of Green Malay Kratom is one that is pleasing and smooth. The “Green” in its name does not point to the color of the leaf itself but to the color of the veins that the leaf has.

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