Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo Kratom


  • Mixes freely with any food and beverage due to its sugary consistency powder
  • Effective at alleviating tension and reducing or even eliminating pain
  • Euphoric, relaxing and mood-lifting
  • Causes less fatigue than other Red strain Kratom varieties

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Considered as a classic strain, the Red Vein Borneo Kratom is one of our customer’s favorites. It gives off the relaxing scent that only wholesome nature can provide. And this Ultra Enhanced variety is going to double that benefit in your sense of smell while adding to the benefits that it is able to deliver. It is made by boiling down pure and dense Kratom Resin and putting in some Alkaloids into the powder mix.

Our Kratom powder originates from rightly mature trees and is harvested by indigenous Southeast Asian tribes that are experienced in picking choice leaves. These tribes have decades of experience harvesting and grinding using effective techniques to produce a sugar-like powder consistency.

The earthy and pleasing aroma of Red Borneo (Mitragyna speciosa) is one of the things that most people like about it. It has a dark green color to it and the “Red” word in its name is derived from the Red Vein that the leaves have.

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