Ultra Enhanced Red Horned Kratom


  • Offers a good blend of stimulating and sedating effects
  • Gives off some mood-elevating benefits
  • Provides enough pain-relieving properties
  • Powder form mixes easily with any food or beverage

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The Ultra Enhanced Red Horned Kratom Variant is one of the newest additions to our Kratom family. It produces a steady and long-lasting scent that you’ll surely love. The powder is produced from a resin derived from dense Kratom which is boiled down before adding a high concentration of alkaloids.

Our enhanced Red Horned Kratom is derived from only the fittest and mature trees by experienced harvesters from Southeast Asian indigenous tribes. With decades of experience, the harvesters only choose ripe leaves to ensure optimum benefit and effectiveness. Grinding is also done using efficient traditional techniques in order to produce sugar-like consistency in the resulting powdered product.

Also known for its scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, Red Horned Kratom gives off a strong and consistent smell, something that you won’t find in other Kratom varieties. The “Red” in its name comes from the red veins that the leaves have but the powder itself has a dark green color.

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