Red Borneo Kratom

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  • Powdered to a good sugary consistency which easily mixes with any kind of food or beverage
  • Less likely to cause fatigue compared to other Red strain Kratom varieties
  • Effectively lessens tension and pain
  • Brings euphoria, improves the mood, and relaxes

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Curious about Red Borneo? Let’s go over the basic facts about this ever-popular strain of Kratom that we Sell, what makes it unique, what people tend to use it for, and other important information.

First things first, please understand that we are offering no instructions or advice whatsoever when it comes to consuming Kratom of any variety.

This type of Kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, found in old-growth forests. Some people say it gives them a similar experience as Red Vein Maeng Da, so some people like to blend it with the aforementioned in order to reduce the costs a bit.

It’s popular among people who are looking for assistance with relaxation, but the effects can vary depending on dosage and other factors.


What is Red Borneo?

As mentioned, this particular strain of Kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa Kratom tree, originating in Borneo in Southeast Asia, however that is up for debate depending on who you ask.


Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world, and some will say this strain originates in Malaysia. However, a big portion of the island is controlled by Indonesia, who also lay claim to being the origin of this plant.

Indonesia is also said to be the birthplace of the Bali strains, however that’s also up for debate, as some argue that the “Bali” name is simply used for marketing, since Bali is considered such a nice place to visit and carries a certain prestige.

Regardless of where it’s from, people from all around the world, especially in the places it originates from, have been experiencing everything that this plant has to offer.

The “Red” modifier in the name doesn’t describe the color of the product itself, it actually describes the “veins” of the leaves that are used. You’ll find leaves with red veins, white ones, and green ones most commonly.

Pick up any leaf, from any tree you see in your neighborhood, and you should notice small veins running through it, almost like the veins in our own bodies. The color of the vein can have a very minuscule impact on the color of the powdered or Capsuled Kratom, but they’ll all still look green in color, since that’s the prominent color of the leaves.


What Do People Use It For?

Generally speaking, some people seek out Red types of Kratom because it can be more relaxing, rather than giving a boost of energy like the green or white vein varieties are known for. People have looked at Red Borneo for pain relief, help with anxiety, and a number of other issues.

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