Red Horned Kratom

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  • Provides good pain-relieving properties
  • Gives good mood-enhancing effects
  • Offers a unique mix of stimulating and sedating abilities
  • Organically Harvested
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Are you interested in learning more about Red Horned Kratom?

Let’s go over the basics, we’ll explore some user-reviews from people who have shared their experiences with Red Horned online, and some of the issues that make it a bit tricker to come by.

Red Horn is quite possible one of the Rarest types of Kratom available to Buy, meaning it isn’t always easy to track it down, especially in high-quality. Sometimes, it gets confused with Maeng Da, but it’s distinctly different.

Red Horned Kratom is made into a very fine powder, which is created by taking high quality, red-vein kratom leaves and grinding them up finely.

Historical Information About This Strain

It comes from Thailand, and is grown in much smaller quantities than any of the very popular strains. Contracts are often created before it’s even harvested, so harvests of Red Horn are usually spoken for before they’ve even been harvested and processed.

What’s The Scent Like?

The scent has been described as steady, and long-lasting. It has higher-than-usual amounts of 7-hydroxymitragynine (an important type of alkaloid that helps make Kratom what it is), and it’s considered to be among the more potent types, even if it can be trickier to come by.

What About Dosages?

We can’t recommend this and we don’t promote it for human consumption. In parts of the world where it has been used ceremonially and among the natives for ages, a dose typically ranges from 1-3 grams in a day. For many, especially those just starting out, 1 gram is a fairly typical amount, if not a bit less at first, just to get a feel and to see how one will react.

Everyone’s body is different, and reacts differently to different things. That’s such a vague statement, but it’s important to keep in mind.


Generally speaking, lower doses of Kratom might be used for an energy boost, kind of like a strong cup of coffee, but with a “cleaner” feeling type of energy. Users have reported feeling mental clarity, improved focus, and other nootropic-like benefits. At higher doses, it’s used for things like pain relief and for mild sedative-like effects.


Once again, we offer no instructions for use or consumption.


What Are The Effects of Red Horned Kratom?

Let’s talk about why some people choose to take it. If you read around on different forums, message boards, and community about Kratom, you’ll hear about how people use it for natural pain relief, even for chronic pains. Red Horn has been described as being more optimal on the healing side of things, rather than being something to catch a buzz from.


Here’s an excerpt from a user review that was posted to reddit:

“Definitely a more relaxing opiate-like strain that seems to do good with re-dosing. My back feels great and I feel more awesome than I did last week on 60mg of hydrocodone… If you’re into kratom for the relaxation/pain relief/opiate-ness this strain is for you. If you take kratom for the more energetic properties, this leaf is probably not for you though it does seem to have good euphoria/mood lift.”

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