White Vein Horned Kratom

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  • Powder form which easily mixes with any food or beverage
  • Exhibits good mood-enhancing properties
  • Very stimulating while boosting energy and enhancing focus
  • Effectively fights fatigue and lethargy

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White Horned Kratom is often mistaken as White Maeng Da by different suppliers. It’s got most of the effects that are found in other white strain varieties though it also possesses uniqueness in terms of the onset of its properties and the duration as well. White Horn Kratom is found in different Southeast Asian countries but you need to practice caution when choosing where you get it from to avoid fake or less potent products.

White Horn Kratom: Its Properties and Effects

This Kratom variety is unique from the rest if the shape of the leaf blade is taken into account. It has ostensibly horned edges compared to soft and smooth edged varieties. White Horn has properties that are leaning toward energy-enhancement and it excels in this aspect when compared to other white strain varieties.

Some users report that it has a higher stimulant effect and exhibits moderate euphoric properties. It is capable of providing quick boosts in energy while enhancing one’s mood at the same time. It’s also the strain that you need if you want increased focus. Such a unique set of properties make it perfect for those who are looking to boost productivity and focus.

What It Is Less Known For

Just like all the other Kratom strains, White Horn also has less dominant properties. It seems to show weaker sedation properties and is also found out to provide less of the relaxing effects which are strong in Red strain varieties. Pain relief is also lower than other strains.

The strain is considered to have an above average effect when taken on a moderate dose of around 2.5g up to 5g. Observed duration of effect lasts more than three hours although it does not seem to be more or less nauseating than the other Kratom strains.

Always Get The Best Kratom Products!

Kratom is becoming popular at present and because it’s very sellable, there are some who add other substances to it to increase its volume. Avoid fake and less potent Kratom products by purchasing only from verified suppliers. Our Kratom’s are all laboratory tested to ensure that it’s free from impurities and fillers which diminishes its effects.

We source Kratom powder from verified suppliers located in different Southeast Asian countries. Our partners ensure that Kratom is of high quality by employing members of some Southeast Asian tribes who have decades of experience picking the perfect Kratom leaves for every strain variety.

These leaves are then dried up and ground to a sugary consistency to ensure potency and efficacy before they are packed and shipped. For Kratom to be effective, it needs to be picked at the right time and the right age leaf must be the only ones to be turned into powder.

If you’re looking for high-quality potent Kratom then you’ll find it here in our shop!

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